Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter time

Hi there long time no post ! well i guess im gettin way to busy for keeping this blogg active :/
family,work and school are just keeping way to busy ,but i guess i could post from now and then if i find the time or the need to do that ,but im still not sure if someone bothers to read !

i dont really have any fun easter images this time ,i had to move rather quickly and with that i lost all the space i had to photograph the still life i used to :/
this little guy is my baby now ,we got him a few weeks ago and he is just adorable and very sweet and playful LOL .

i will just post some older images here in this post to give it the easter feeling i whant
im sure some of you remeber this image :) its from that time all i did was bake ,dont get me wrong i still do bake but not as much as i did
and to let you see what im mostly up to these days when i have the time .
this is taken at one of the beaches ,i love going to this beach
well i hope you have a wonderful easter with friends and family

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