Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New born Session

How fun ,im having my first new born session on saturday :) im getting my props tog bought some new
and made some new crochet baby hats (you have seen them)
So next thing i need to do is get some inspiration about posing and things like that .Sure it will
all go well ,im exited about this .

anyways im still thinking im just writing this blog to my self ,dont think that many peoble
read it so im wondering how long im gone keep this up .

but here is a pic of my dd taken when she lost one of her tooth
used Florabella (just love those actions ) clean color
have a good weekend ,im thinking spring is in the air cause i saw some tiny droplings coming up :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Before & after

I just had to buy the new action set from Florabella ,since im making some money from
my photography i think its just fair that i get to be good to my self from time to time :)
the action set is called Florabella retouch and  its so worth the money at least i think so ;) i know im not
the only one that would say that ,you can find Florabella Here .
Anyway i took this pic off my son a few days ago (dont have any new once to play with at the moment)
and this is raw so you can play more with that then jpeg .So all i did was run the action and with
a small moving the sliders upp and down ,some brushing here and there this is the outcome
i really like the outcome and i know that this will not be the first and last action i buy from Florabella ;)
here is another one i did ,the photo here i dint really like but with a litle photoshop actions it goes a
long way dont you think ?

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I love these give aways so lets share this one here :) such a cute bag for the camera and everything else you need to carry around

So now what?
How do you enter this amazingness that we call a giveaway you ask?!!
We have a new nifty little entry form to enter our giveaway! We are NO longer doing comments as your entry form! (PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THE BLOG POST) Please use the form below! Each point that you get, equals one entry. You can do some of the entries more then once for more entries!
Do all of the following steps through the entry app below. :)
—-Make sure you are a fan of Pure Photoshop Actions first. Because we love you and want to have the chance to interact!
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Monday, February 6, 2012


I just got a really awesome birthday present from a friend back home ,she sent me some off the most beautiful wool socks ive seen and a dvd with Icelandic songs and video´s off the nature :/ dont think ive been so homesick since i moved here and just from watching that ,

makes me whant to go back home ,i even more exited about going home in april i really need to plan the trip really well cause i whant to spend time with my family there as well as going on a roadtrip for 2 days with my friend :) omg its gona be so much fun .

 my so awesome wool socks that are gona keep me warm for the rest off  the winter .

Friday, February 3, 2012


Its been snowing all night and still is ,i guess the cold from Siberia is here with all its snow and frost but then you just putt on warm clothes and keep smiling .
Yesterday i had my first Airbnb photoshot and it was so much fun and i had a great time doing it ,cant wait to book the next one i have .I think its just so amazing that im getting payd  for doing this and its fun ,i really think i finally found something i love doing :) i cant show you any off the pictures there not mine to show so you will just have to imagen a cozy norweigan house with a cozy fireplace :)
but this one i took just 5 min ago
no fancy pic just outside my bedroom
hope you have a awesome weekend i know i will ,im taking the kids out for a sleigh ride