Saturday, July 6, 2013


I havent been here for a long time :/ havent really had time to do what i love doing ,taking pictures ,still found some time while we took the kids to the dyraparken/zoo here in Norway ,just had to use my 70-200mm lens for this and its just perfect for these images ,its has some nice glass :)

i am very much afraid of big animals ,lions,bears ,sharks and polarbears i dont know why i have this but i guess its because they are huge hehe ,well my heart just stoppes when i see them .This big liondad gave it his all when he attacked a window where i was standing ,i was sure he would get out and eat me so my biggest fear would come true ,so i just was not able to stand there one more min ,it was just in my head i know but boy was my heart pounding fast and i had found a way to escape if he would get out ,first i would get my kids running with me and then i would hide in the coffee place next to us ,silly yes i know .

These guys where just cute ,jumped on my hubby´s shoulder and licked his phone ,guess he whanted to make a call .
i was pretty relaxed looking at these guys ,but still had found a way to hide just in case LOL but these animals are just gorgeous to look at .
Here she is mommy lion ,she looks powerful looking over the lazy males
i just love these guys ,everytime i clicked the shutter he looked at me ,like he was thinking what´s going on there ,he just had have a good view of all the things going on around him .
and just for fun here is a link to the park Dyreparken

Im still working on my school NYIP ,just going a bit slow at the moment but i just need to snap thouse images for unit 4 and then it of in the mail :) well its bit more then just snap ,i always overthink things and thats why it takes my so long to get the images i whant ,but im gona get there in the end (i hope)
take care
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