Sunday, November 27, 2011


Yes baking but im not baking baking ,i have litle helpers and this is there baking day so they get to do what they whant to do and that means that im just there to see that things dont burn in the oven :)
my litle peoble love this day ,when mom put on the xmas music and they get to roll out cookie dough and sing songs .horrible weather out side ,really windy and rain so what better things to do then stay in and make them happy

today we light the first candle .
I have spent most off this weekend doing all the reading i need to do for the 1st unit ,my eyes are tierd but its so much fun and i love laying on bed with my reading glasses on and read all about the aperture ,focus ,lenses ,cant wait to get to the point where i need to go out and take the pictures .
so i leave you with this pic of my son baking some xmas cakes .Hope the weekend was good to you all

Friday, November 25, 2011


Got this as a present from a good friend i have here in Norway ,she came for coffee and gave me this beautiful present ,so now i dont have to make my own ,now i can rest my hand even more :) how sweet is she
i love the color ,last year i had white but this is the color i was going to use my self so how fun is that .
On sunday i will light the 1st candle .

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Surgery whent well and im healing nicely ,my hand looks like the simpson hand hahaha por thing but it will all heal in a few weeks or then i can do the normal things i do ,clean ,take pic´s ,knitt ,crochet and i hope my hand will be as new ,no more pain´s.
was gona show you a pic off my hand but it wont load ,and it difficult to write with one hand so no more typing .

have a good thanksgiving weekend to everyone .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas kid

Another post about these pic´s ive been taking of my kids,these 2 are off my son ,he is 5 years old and will start school next fall !!

this will be last pic´s in this series since im having the surgery on the hand later today ,have to say im nervous about it even if its no big deal ,just hope it will all go well and i will be using my hand soon .
i just got my first unit from the school ,NYIP  so i will have loads to read in the coming weeks

take care

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I thought i woud take some pic´s of my girls (boy is to busy to play at them moment )haha
hung up some xmas lights for background ,still need more practice with this kind of photo´s ,but still had fun with this .

Friday, November 4, 2011


Yeh im formally enrolled in NYIP :) and im smiling from here to the end of .....
and i cant wait to get my first unit .Since ive moved here to Norway i have done so many things i would never have done so im so happy that i get the change to do these things .
Just whanted to share the great news .

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Madla sunset

The only day this week that the sun was shining so i whent to Madla to get some sunset pic´s ,i was planing on getting the big swords in those shots but the sun wasnt going down in that spot so i found some other awesome spots i really liked ,one problem there was a big cloud coming in fast so i had to be really fast
This one is my fav

I did get some good shot´s but the rest of them i cant relly use but then i just have to wait for the sun to shine again and i will be out there again :)
I have been looking for a spot like this all summer ,finally i found it .
i have also been looking for rocks that lead to the sunset or sunrise and here i have everything ive been looking for in one spot, how fab is that .