Saturday, July 6, 2013


I havent been here for a long time :/ havent really had time to do what i love doing ,taking pictures ,still found some time while we took the kids to the dyraparken/zoo here in Norway ,just had to use my 70-200mm lens for this and its just perfect for these images ,its has some nice glass :)

i am very much afraid of big animals ,lions,bears ,sharks and polarbears i dont know why i have this but i guess its because they are huge hehe ,well my heart just stoppes when i see them .This big liondad gave it his all when he attacked a window where i was standing ,i was sure he would get out and eat me so my biggest fear would come true ,so i just was not able to stand there one more min ,it was just in my head i know but boy was my heart pounding fast and i had found a way to escape if he would get out ,first i would get my kids running with me and then i would hide in the coffee place next to us ,silly yes i know .

These guys where just cute ,jumped on my hubby´s shoulder and licked his phone ,guess he whanted to make a call .
i was pretty relaxed looking at these guys ,but still had found a way to hide just in case LOL but these animals are just gorgeous to look at .
Here she is mommy lion ,she looks powerful looking over the lazy males
i just love these guys ,everytime i clicked the shutter he looked at me ,like he was thinking what´s going on there ,he just had have a good view of all the things going on around him .
and just for fun here is a link to the park Dyreparken

Im still working on my school NYIP ,just going a bit slow at the moment but i just need to snap thouse images for unit 4 and then it of in the mail :) well its bit more then just snap ,i always overthink things and thats why it takes my so long to get the images i whant ,but im gona get there in the end (i hope)
take care
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter time

Hi there long time no post ! well i guess im gettin way to busy for keeping this blogg active :/
family,work and school are just keeping way to busy ,but i guess i could post from now and then if i find the time or the need to do that ,but im still not sure if someone bothers to read !

i dont really have any fun easter images this time ,i had to move rather quickly and with that i lost all the space i had to photograph the still life i used to :/
this little guy is my baby now ,we got him a few weeks ago and he is just adorable and very sweet and playful LOL .

i will just post some older images here in this post to give it the easter feeling i whant
im sure some of you remeber this image :) its from that time all i did was bake ,dont get me wrong i still do bake but not as much as i did
and to let you see what im mostly up to these days when i have the time .
this is taken at one of the beaches ,i love going to this beach
well i hope you have a wonderful easter with friends and family

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Looking back

ive been looking at some images i took when i was back home last year ,makes me really whant to take another trip home ,been looking at flights and everything ... very expensive to take a trip like that with everyone in the family ,it would mean that i need 6 tickest to Oslo and then 6 tickest to Reykjavik haha and that would be expensive .
well i will just look at some images
oh end next weekend we will have a new familymember :)
you can guess if you like .
have a great weekend

Friday, January 25, 2013

Busy and sick

Januar is always fun ,i have my birthday on the 18th :) not telling how young i am (im to young to be this old)
ive been really busy ,i really whanted to finish my unit 3 and with that i had to take 5 images ,and not just any 5 and now im done with that and its in the mail :)
and i started my next unit ,that is gona be a fun one with some more learning process
this is one image i took (not something i sent in )
just a image i whanted to have ,need to work more on the B&W think im gona need Nik´s to make it like i whant it to look but this was just a try .
but i still like the image
and here is one i sent in ,im not gona go into what i need to do for this unit,you will just see some of the images i needed to send in .
im not really feeling good at the moment so im gona go to bed and get some rest ,
hope you have a good weekend

Monday, January 7, 2013


Wow what an amazing giveaway at Crave photograph
if you are exited like i am go and see the blog to enter vhuhu .

Friday, January 4, 2013

Beautiful gift

I was so lucky to get this beautiful gift from a friend here in the internet please take the time to look at her beautiful blog ,she is very talented and has some amazing crochet and knitting things she makes like there is no tomm :) but anyway she sent me this gorgeous package filled with snowflakes ,the most amazing snowflakes i have seen ,cant belive she spent all this time making them and sending them all to me ... me well i guess she knows i love snow and i wasnt really getting it at that point so i think she whanted to make me smile and boy did she make me smile on the last day of the year 2012 .

it came with a beautiful card
im just so glad to have a friend like this here on the worldwide web ,amazing that someone on the other end of the earth almost thinks about making you happy

so i just whant to say thanks Marily for beeing such a great friend <3

i hope you all out there have someone that thinks about making you happy by putting a nice smile on youre face


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 the new year begins

Its a new day with new things and i so hope this year is gona be the one to be the good year .
last night was a busy one for us ,the kids had fun and one of them was to tierd to stay awake so late so he was out in dreamland before midnight.
But me and my 17 year old where standing a on bridge where we can see well over the town and just after midnight i saw a fire in a window near us and an old man was trying to fight the fire with a stick and an old lady sitting on the sofa  (i was shooting with my camera just over the house)
 there where a few guys on the bridge as well and i called them and asked if they saw what i was looking at and i gave them my phone to call the firedepartment ,i dint know the name on the street ,then we ran down there to see if we could get them out but there was no way we could get in there big locks and stuff so we just had to wait for the police and firedep ,they where really fast
and i kinda felt like a reporter with my camera and my biggest lens on it hahah there was a photographer there as well and kinda felt like i was one to :) he is standing in the pic there in the middle .
but this all ended well and the old couple where ok and the fire was put out ,so me and my daughter left .So this is how i ended the 2012 and this is how we began the new 2013 ,feels good to know that this all whent well cause this could have gona so bad in just a few min ,and i guess the old folks will be more carefull with there candles in the windows .
i took this image just min before the fire started in one of the window where the light is .
So the new year began with a big blast and i hope im gona do fun things in the new year and do them with a blast ... i like that blast are my kinda thing :)you would understand if you knew my well
for the new year i plan big things and im gona write them down here so i can look back on them when this year will be ending .
  1. finish the school NYIP
  2. go home to Iceland with my family next summer
  3. get some fat off (this is the one i have every year ) haha
  4. ? this one i need to think about

hope the new year will bring you everything you whant it to bring