Friday, March 23, 2012

Frog pond

Me and my almost 6 year old son whent out to this great forest it has many pond´s and wonderful flowers ,trees and animals it was a great day warm and the sun was trying to peek out .
we found this little pond with lots of frogs in it and he was really suprised to see them ,never seen frogs before so he dint mind me taking loads off pic´s off him hehe but he said when we got to the car :do i get candy now :)
i used this time to practise the things im learnig at the moment wich is exposure and getting it 100 % right and ive been struggling with that for a few days now but i think i have the understanding i needed so yeh im happy and i really did get so many good pic´s off him .
he has this little suitcase with all kinds off stuff in he finds ,coins ,rocks and more stuff that boys like to pick up when the play so hee brings this suitcase with him alot :)
i really like these pic´s and i think im gona have them printed in diffrent sizes
well im off to find more atventures with my kids this weekend i hope you have a wonderful time as well doing what you like and love to do .

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday Photo

Its time for the thursday photo ,since im really busy on fridays this is workin much better for me ,so this week the girls where making some crafts for easter and also to send home to there grandmother ,i know she is gona love this she has always been so crafty with them and sometimes took the to her house just to do crafts and paint and play with them (ohh we do miss her )

so here is this weeks image 
i love the colors and i used an overlay to add a little texture to it

At this moment im reading everything there is to know about the right exposureand man my head is just spinning around and around ,i really need  to get this and get it good ,its the most important lesson in the learning process ,im reading it for the second time and taking lots of notes ,then i need to move on and read the rest of the lessons and in this unit there is alot of reading to do and listening ,its gona take some time to get this unit 2 done :) but i plan on using my Iceland trip to try to get some of the photos i need ,that is if im done with all ther reading before i leave back home .
(4 weeks until my trip back home)

have a great day

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday photo

Well its friday and its time for the friday photo ,i may have to change this to thursday ,cause im working on fridays and i dont really have much time to play with the camera so from now on i will post thursday photo :)
this is all i could come up with now ,its late and really tierd after a long day in kindergarden and then i come home tomy own kindergarden haha .so this is all you get this week
i bought me some easter fowers in a pot ,love the yellow cause its springtime
i think i may use another pot for it cause its not matching the flowers in it (you get what i mean )
sorry for not having a more fun photo this friday .
enjoy the weekend i know i will be busy cause i think the weather may be a little better than it has been

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday photopost

I saw somewhere something like this ,posting every friday a photo off everyday life ,can be anything from baking ,to playing with the kids or just off the kids ,what you are knitting /crochet or landscape you see on friday or the days before just about anything you whant.The challane for me right now is to get out there cause the weather isnt so good ,its raining ,foggie and just plain boring weather but thats the fun part now i have to get my a.... off the chair and find something i think is worth posting every friday .
I think its fun and thats what im gona do ,but since i work on fridays it may come friday night but its gona be fun dont ya think :) if you like to do the same it would be fun to know and maby a link to youre blogg ,then i could post a link to youre blogg so we can all see those fun friday pic´s ,let me know what you think.
 this one is taken last summer or spring ,i cant wait for this to bloom so i can go again and take more pic´s off it .

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby session

Well i did the second session for the new baby boy ,the first dint go as i had planned haha nothing is as planned when it comes to baby´s ,but this one was so much better ,he did sleep for a few min :) and i did get some good shots at that time and then we just played along .I was pretty happy with the outcome
this one is so cute and he was so relaxed
fast a sleep here but then we had to move him and he woke up but that was ok he was very calm
i love toes on new baby´s they are just so cute and new .

well im pretty sure the spring is just around the corner ,ive seen bee´s and sun is starting to shine and the day´s are getting brighter and flowers are starting to show and grow
i put down new tomato seeds ,just small tomato´s this time :) cant wait for them to start growing
this one was just enjoying the sun in my window
have a good weekend everyone out there