Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wish list

Here is my wish list for my photography

lee big stopper
LEE_Filters 9NDG Graduated Neutral_Density
LEE_Filters 6NDG 4x4 Neutral Density
sigma 10-20 mm lens
this list will for sure grow

this is it at the moment ,im planing on getting the big stopper soon ,its hard to find but im hopefull i will ,if not i whant the polarizer

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sundried tomatos

Getting some really beautiful red tomatos now ,so i made these in the oven and put them in a jar with some fresh herb and olive oil ,really tasty and pretty.
 will be eating them also fresh but maby i will make another jar of these later on as i get more red once

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miss cupcake

Miss cupcake 2011 is Jannice Edlunds gongrats to her ,beautiful cake she made

and thanks to everyone that gave me there vote /gill 

it was fun to be apart of the top 20 

but i heard a rumor that only cupcakes baked by girls from sweden had won the prizes and i think that kinda strange ,if they dint whant cupcakes outside sweden they should have said so in the begining.
Its just something i heard and read and i dont know if there is something to it i still think its kinda funny that only there own cupcakes got some prizes ,oh well it was fun to send in the picture and get all these votes ,more then i had hoped for so im happy with that .

Knitting mojo

I think i just found my knitting mojo (hope my crochet mojo comes with it )
i need to knitt some socks for some of the kids and one pair for hubby to use at work when it gets colder (the once i did for him last winter got stolen ) must have been a great pair since someone needs to steel them from him .
then i whant to make me some newfoundland mittens ;)
some of the sock yarn i gott today