Saturday, December 31, 2011

White christmas 2011 Iceland

Here you can see what im missing out on ,omg i woud so much like to be home right now ,playing in the snow with the kids ,pussing the car hahaha winter wonderland my beautiful Iceland :)
Have fun watching this .
for me this last day of the year is gona be rain i guess and it dont look good for the fireworks eather :( the weather her sucks ,i think im may move
Happy new year everyone .

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry christmas

Its almost time to sit down with our family´s and enjoy christmas together
i would like to send you all my best christmas wish .

hope you have a wonderful time
hugs Valeria and family

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well everyone that knows me a little know i have to have snow on christmas if not there is something missing and it can make me sad not to have it :) and i was getting all sad cause i dint have my snow ,but yesterday it started to snow and i was so happy ran out with the camera to get a few shots cause i knew its gona rain later today so i just had to use the litle time i had .
and after dinner i whent out again then it had stopped snowing so better change of getting pic´s
i whent to see the church its so beautiful and even more when it has a lite snow around it
the sky was orange and it was about to snow even more so i had to bee quick
this one is my favorite ,the light was amazing and it looked like wonderland
take care and enjoy the wonderful time ahead

Monday, December 19, 2011


I just cant get enough of these bokeh pic´s ,they just make me happy ,since the snow isnt coming i had to find something else to give me joy ,yes i love snow around the hollidays ,i also need it for my pic´s and i have so many ideas but i cant make them happen cause i dont have the SNOW .
dont you think pic woud look even better if there was a litle snow there :)
this is Stavanger
we had some family over for  a lite birthday cake and coffee
some wrapping done .

Saturday, December 10, 2011


The kids whanted to make some gifts for there grandmothers & grandfathers ,so we bought clay and the kids used some of my many stamps i have .
its like making cakes but even more fun for them ,the older girls also made some bowls ,they need to try before we take pic´s of them .

you can just imagen the fun they had with this and Xmas music playing (we only need snow)
they made all kids of ornaments to hang on the tree or decorate presents.

have a great weekend

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Candy cane & hot chocolate

Fun to see how much peoble like my last pic (on flickr) :) made me smile ,but yesterday i baked some chocolate candy cane cake ,saw the recipe pinterest ,cant open the webside now ,will add it later ,if you like .
i saw this cup in a window the other day and said to hubby oh i have have that one (i love cups) but i dint go and buy it my self no he whent out later that day and bought it for me and a spoon to match ,sooooo cute so i had to display it with the cake i made .
what a yummy cake and even better with hot cocoa
i totally forgott to play with the lights this time haha but dont worrie i have more things i need to take pic´s of so i will be sure to post more pic´s with the bokeh ligths .
im keeping busy reading over the books again making sure i get it into my head ,then i have planned the pic´s i will be sending in for unit one :))) im so excited about this ,and looking forward to hear more from the lady that sent me the message the other day ,i sure hope something will come out of that .

anyways im off to spent time with the family.
This xmas will be very hard for some people in the family and it brakes my heart but they will have a big spot in my heart this xmas.

Friday, December 2, 2011

News to me

Well i got some rather intresting news or its just an offer i got this morning ,im still in shock i think or i dont even know what to call it ,im so suprised that i dont even know what to think ,anyway i got an job offer regarding photographing ,it sounds very interesting so im gona look into it,and if that wasnt enough
i was asked if i would be willing to sell one of my picture !! what im like WHAT .

Well no more bragging .

I want to show you a friend that lives in the USA and she likes photographing and is taking pic´s of kids ,she has 2 beautiful boys and takes amazing pictures so head over there and see her great work

have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Would you like a sip

Of hot cocoa ? well its not that cold here but i would like a cup of hot cocoa ,dint have any so the cup is empty hahaha really need to go out and buy me some marshm and wipped cream and make a reall cup :) who whants to join me ??
i really love playing with these lights :) they warm my heart and its fun so i do it for no other reason