Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gamle Stavanger

Took the kids to gamle Stavanger this morning ,been whanting to go there since i came to Norway .And it was so pretty and all these beautiful houses and the flowers oh my oh my ....
Gamle Stavanger ('Old Stavanger') is an area of the city of Stavanger in the county of Rogaland, Norway, and is believed to be Europe’s largest collection of wooden buildings[unreliable source?]. The area includes the Norwegian Canning museum which displays a typical factory from the 1920's.

so much fun to walk there in the sun and warm wind
Nearly all the houses are white (only a few are allowed to be another colour) and they vary in age from less than 100 to about 300 years. The houses are lived in and most are privately owned.
There are little play areas, bench seats here and there. In the small park at the southwest corner, near the Straen centre are some sculptures.
This is in central Stavanger. Walk from the fish market around the harbour clockwise taking any of the streets on the left up into Gamle Stavanger.   
will for sure go there again and take more pictures

ps anyone have a recipe for rababara saft (rhubarb saft)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Found this cute litle lavenderflower in my garden ,ive been looking at these in the flower shops and dreaming of one ,but i found this one in the garden like i said ,really happy to find it in my own garden .
put them in an old mug i brougth from home ,and since im waiting for my guests from Iceland i put them in the guest room ,they smell so good . Well i have so many things to do ,the last two weeks have been so crazy and it will all come to an end soon :)
hope you have a wonderful weekend ,i know i will :))
cant wait to see my best friend

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful swan´s

While waiting me and litle man saw this beautiful swan family by the pond near by .
we got pretty close without them getting affraid
and that big old bench ,not possible to sit on haha
so much to do and so litle time

Friday, June 17, 2011

National day

Today is the Icelandic national day :) hæ hó jibby jei það er komin 17 júní !!
its strange to celebrate this day here in Norway even there will be some celebration amongst the Icelandic peoble here tonight .
But i will be so happy next friday cause then my best friend from Iceland is coming to stay with us for the weekend ,cant wait to see her and her husband !! and if you whant to see some amazing pictures from Iceland look here ,her husband is amazing love his pictures .

playing with my camera and learning about light and shutterspeed and all that stuff

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last day

Today is the last day to like /gilla my cupcake in the miss cupcake 2011 competion :) i whant to thank everyone that have already liked my cake :)
ou can click on the link give me you gilla/like

Thank you

Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo mania

Im having fun learnig new things both using my camera and my new photoshop ,hubby just bought me a new computer ,he´s so good to me .
we will be very busy the next 2 weeks ,have somethings we are planning so i may not be around so much but it will all be clear soon enough :)
here is a pic i took this morning .

and this one i took yesterday ,such pretty landscape in Norway

take care and have a great week .

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I whent to Stavanger yesterday and there was so much going on there ,so many peoble well the weather was so good so no suprise that there where so many peoble there ,but there was something going on there ,tents from all over the world ,Spain ,UK, Italia, Holland and many more and they all where selling and giving peoble a taste of what they where selling .
So much fun to walk around and see what they had to offer .I was so unlucky that my camera was out batteri ,so hubby used his phone to take these picks.
I just had to buy this gorgeous chocolate slice ,its not a cake its just chocolate to eat and its so awesome ,i just had to have to last night with some red wine ........

and i bought some yummy salami as well ,oh my lord its so good .
i hope they have this every weekend .
dont you think it looks good (with red wine )

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I whanted a new table cause the kids had played the other table bit hard (por thing) and i dind whant to spend much money on a new one so i used the palettes we got our stuff from Iceland on (saw this idea on a few bloggs ) so i painted them a bought the weels in Clas Ohlson ,so this table the kids cant ruin and if they would i would just paint over or make a new one .
something old and something new here

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Im so glad that i got this  book from Mona in the mail ,its about taking better pictures and its helping me understand my camera alot better then i did ,and since im gona take the class in NYIP its helping me alot already ,so i have already started to learn more about taking good pic´s
So thank you Mona for chossing my picture and sending me these awesome books ,and even if they are in norsk i can read them and its helping me learn norsk as well ,reading and writing it ,
takk så mye
i think im drowning in the flowers and tomato plants ,strawberryplants are going all over the place

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Quick lunch here ,but keeping it healthy at the same time !!ths is also my new fav drink ,pink lemonade oh so good .
i love tomatos and cant wait for my own to grow ,the plants get bigger every day .
im not sure if im not getting any comments here cause its broken or if there is just no one reading this blogg ,so if you cant comment i would really like to know ,send me a line via email ,can find that in my profile !!

im still over the moon about the NYIP school i just cant wait to start ,at the moment im enjoying the book i got sent in mail Bedre bilder its called and getting to know my camera better .
i have so much to learn and im looking forward to every moment of it

Monday, June 6, 2011


Im so happy im going to enroll in this school here NYIP.
Hubby just gave me the green light to enroll in the coming week ,its gona cost 1200 $ but that all well worht it .
it has been a passion for some time not to take pic´s and ive been whanting to something for my self in a long time and now i finally get the change to do it .
Ive always talked my self form doing someting like this ,but since i moved from my country i said to my self now is the time to things i would never have done ,and i have done things that i never would have done back home and this will be the biggest challange yet .

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breakfast in the garden

Such a nice sunday here in Norge today ,sunny and warm so i baked some yummy  bread for the family and we had breakfast in the garden .
found this recipe here Bread
i made it litle more healthy.
milk is good for you :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daim dessert

Why not make a lovely dessert for saturday night !!! it dint take to long to wip this up
I seem to be obsessed with all pink now ,ive never beet that pink girl (even my fav artist is pink) but the color pink i mean ,but since i came to Norway i love pink ,everything here in Norway is so romantic and pink and i love it .
So i whanted to try this pretty pink drink i see all over the norsk blogg world and its super good (no alcohol),great on ice on a hot day .
But if you whant to recipe for the Daim icecake here you go.(its in norsk)
 farlig gode iskaken. Her er den:

3 eggehviter stivpiskes
2 dl farin tilsettes og piskes til marengsen er stiv og seig
60 gr mandler grovhakkes og haes i.
Ha bakepapir i forma og stek ved 150 grader i ca 1 time.

3 eggeplommer
1,5 dl farin - piskes til eggedosis
0,5 l fløte piskes stiv.
2 doble daim
0,5 dl sterk kaffe blades med krem og eggedosis og haes på kakebunnen som fortsatt er i forma. Frys.

1 dl stivpisket fløte, litt farin og vaniljesukker + hakket daim eller daimkuler.
i cant remember where i found this cake recipe but the it was on a very pretty blogg.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet Paul

Friday and i woke up earli with all the kids.
I whent to get the new issue of Sweet Paul and its so wonderful ,i love the cover and will for sure try that kake it looks so pretty .
what better way to spend this awesome day then to sit in the sun with my new magazine and drik ice cold starbuks strawberry frabbuccino and eat fresh berry´s .
hope the weather stays as good for the rest of the summer .

god helg

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


here is a litle challange i whant to take part in

im using this pic of this passion flower i found the summer before i moved to norge ,it was inside a lite greenhouse caffee ,i took my kids there with my mom ( she was moving to norge as well and we where saying goodbye )so this flower reminds me of that time ,hard to say goodbuy but this pretty flowers makes me think of my mom so thats why i whant to choose this pic for this .

here you can take part or see more beautiful pic´s of flowers

ps hope its ok i write in english ,my norks isnt that good yet

Miss Cupcake

Well now its almost time for the judges to take over the miss cupcake top 20 ,im really happy with how many likes i have gotten on my cake ,thanks to everyone that gave me there like ,i really appreciate every like i have gotten .

if you like you can gilla /like my cupcake HERE
Thank you and have a wonderful day