Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Strawberry panna cotta

Whanted to make something really good for dessert tonight :) just cause i whanted something yummy my self haha. So i found this great recipe for panna cotta ,bougth new strawberrys an lime .
im totally in love with these pretty bowls from  Green gate ,so many wonderful things and the colors are just to die for .
i think next time i will double the recipe
since there are 7 off us in this big family
but i hope it tastes as good as it looks ,it sure smells good and the strawberry´s and lime are great combo

have a great night

Friday, July 1, 2011


Was lucky to get 6 kg off rababara and i made some saft /juice .
here is the recipe (in norsk )
2 kg rabarbra
1 ½ liter vann
Saften av 1 sitron
1 kg sukker

Skyll rabarbraen godt og kutt i biter. Kok rabarbraen i vannet til de er helt myke og ha den over i en silduk og la renne av… Vask kasserollen og hell tilbake saften, tilsett sukker og sitronsaft og kok opp. Skum godt av under kokingen, og hell saften over på rengjorte flasker og sett på kork.

and i still need to make some jam as well ,the kids love this jam so i need to make lots of it
ps i made it to the 20 in the miss cupcake 2011 :)thanks to everyone that gave me there vote ,totally makes my day .