Sunday, April 15, 2012

2 days

Now its just 2 days untill my trip back home :) im almost done my packing ,still need to work tomm and then i can finish packing my things ,dont really need much ,mostly camera stuff im taking hehe ,and some gifst for my mom ,sister and my best buddy friend ,i just pray that her dd will be ok,she had to take her to the hospital ,she was very sick and nobody new what was wrong :( but as far as i know she is getting better .
I may go on my roadtrip alone but thats ok ,i dont mind that ,i totally understand if she wont be able to go with me ,im planing on driving to get to a place called jökulsárlón, really whant to be there at sunsetting if i can ,then its the normal stuff like some off the waterfalls (strange feel like a tourist in strange land )but then again im not and i know all the places i whant to go to so i think its just gona be a fun trip .

cant wait to hug my sister ,havent seen her in almost 2 years :/ her boys and hubby ,my mom ohh love my mom and the best part my dad is in Norway and we will meet up in Oslo airport and fly home togther :) how fun is that .
Then its my 2 other friends gona meet them for coffee on wednesday :)miss then and coffee isnt the same without them .

well this is my last post before i go so here is one image i took the other night ,was trying out some new toy hubby bought me (did i tell you that he is the best ) well you should know by now that he does everything for me :)
this was taken at sunset by the Sola beach ,like the dreamy look the sea and the rock rising up .
take care and hope you have a good next week , i know im gona have a blast

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspired by Iceland

My oldest dd has left the nest ... she is in Iceland for two weeks and that means that its only one week until i go ............ :) can you see the smile on my face from where you are sitting

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter weekend

Well easter is over and an new week begins with fun things .A now its only one week untill i go back HOME and im so exited about that trip ,cant wait to see my parents my sister and her family ,my friends and take my road trip with my friend that is gona be so much fun ,i just hope i get good weather and the volcano´s dont make trouble for me but it woud be fun to get some volcano action to photoraph :)
i was taking a workshop all easter online they are so much fun and even if i cant watch all off it i always learn so much for them ,so i was playing with the flowers i bought for my self .
i love these flowers and i may end up using one of these flower pic´s for Unit 2 im working on ,ive done all the reading and i just need to get my head around the images i need to send in
hope you had a good weekend