Thursday, May 27, 2010

Granny squares in progress

Ok smá uppdate af þessu teppi ( er stopp vegna lita leysis með hitt teppið)
ég er búin að hekla 100 stk af þessum þá er bara eftir að gera 2 umferðir af hvítu og hekla saman í seinni umferðinni,slatti af endum en þetta tók samt ekkert svakalegann tíma enda búin að sitja soldið við þetta síðustu daga.

Ok here is a litle update on the on going granny ( i have two on making )ive done 100 pices and sewd in all ends ,now i need to add two white rows and join in the second one ,hope that goes well :/ never done that before ,wish me luck :)


  1. You can do it!!! After the 2nd or 3rd you won't remember when you couldn't do it!!!! It is easy and there are lots of videos on YOUTUBE if you get stuck.....and lots of friends on flickr who will help too!!!!

  2. 100 done already!
    sure will be beautiful with white!
    I'll be waiting to see more...

  3. So beautiful! I look forward to seeing your progress on this blanket.


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