Thursday, November 3, 2011

Madla sunset

The only day this week that the sun was shining so i whent to Madla to get some sunset pic´s ,i was planing on getting the big swords in those shots but the sun wasnt going down in that spot so i found some other awesome spots i really liked ,one problem there was a big cloud coming in fast so i had to be really fast
This one is my fav

I did get some good shot´s but the rest of them i cant relly use but then i just have to wait for the sun to shine again and i will be out there again :)
I have been looking for a spot like this all summer ,finally i found it .
i have also been looking for rocks that lead to the sunset or sunrise and here i have everything ive been looking for in one spot, how fab is that .

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  1. It is indeed very very fab...your photographs are so incredible really know how to do it and it shows how much you love it happy you finally found the place you wanted. It is so very pretty where you live...and now that you are there we all get to see it!!! Hope all is well with everyone...I'm always here my dear...all you have to do is knock!!!!


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