Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well everyone that knows me a little know i have to have snow on christmas if not there is something missing and it can make me sad not to have it :) and i was getting all sad cause i dint have my snow ,but yesterday it started to snow and i was so happy ran out with the camera to get a few shots cause i knew its gona rain later today so i just had to use the litle time i had .
and after dinner i whent out again then it had stopped snowing so better change of getting pic´s
i whent to see the church its so beautiful and even more when it has a lite snow around it
the sky was orange and it was about to snow even more so i had to bee quick
this one is my favorite ,the light was amazing and it looked like wonderland
take care and enjoy the wonderful time ahead

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  1. Oh wow, I'm so jealous... I miss a white Christmas! I miss watching the snow come down, the white mantle covering everything and the perfect silence when everything is covered in snow... Of course a lot of people would say we're lucky, the temperature here was 19ºC today--so I'm guessing I'll be out of luck ;-)
    Gorgeous pictures, Valeria. You're getting better by the day!


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