Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspired by Iceland

My oldest dd has left the nest ... she is in Iceland for two weeks and that means that its only one week until i go ............ :) can you see the smile on my face from where you are sitting


  1. OMG Svana, you made me want to go with you and dance along too!!! I've never been to Iceland or anywhere north of Amsterdam and that was for work, a couple of days... but this made me smile from ear to ear and just wish I could jump into the next plane there!
    Well... just one thing missing, a handsome Viking to welcome me there (giggle :D )
    Have the time of your life! XXX

  2. I thought the sun looked a little brighter today...it must be your smile!! I remember seeing that video when we first bumped into each other on Flickr... it's still fabulous...I can imagine how excited you must be to go home...and now with a new love (camera) to capture everything you love so much...ICELAND...hope it's better than even you can imagine...and Teresa...if we went while Svana is there...we would have the prettiest Viking Princess to welcome us!!!!

  3. aww you girls are to cute and if you would be there while i was there i would for sure take you both with me on a road trip :)


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