Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gamle Stavanger

Took the kids to gamle Stavanger this morning ,been whanting to go there since i came to Norway .And it was so pretty and all these beautiful houses and the flowers oh my oh my ....
Gamle Stavanger ('Old Stavanger') is an area of the city of Stavanger in the county of Rogaland, Norway, and is believed to be Europe’s largest collection of wooden buildings[unreliable source?]. The area includes the Norwegian Canning museum which displays a typical factory from the 1920's.

so much fun to walk there in the sun and warm wind
Nearly all the houses are white (only a few are allowed to be another colour) and they vary in age from less than 100 to about 300 years. The houses are lived in and most are privately owned.
There are little play areas, bench seats here and there. In the small park at the southwest corner, near the Straen centre are some sculptures.
This is in central Stavanger. Walk from the fish market around the harbour clockwise taking any of the streets on the left up into Gamle Stavanger.   
will for sure go there again and take more pictures

ps anyone have a recipe for rababara saft (rhubarb saft)

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  1. Lovely pictures thanks! How about this for Rhubarb Saft? Mia S.


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