Friday, June 17, 2011

National day

Today is the Icelandic national day :) hæ hó jibby jei það er komin 17 júní !!
its strange to celebrate this day here in Norway even there will be some celebration amongst the Icelandic peoble here tonight .
But i will be so happy next friday cause then my best friend from Iceland is coming to stay with us for the weekend ,cant wait to see her and her husband !! and if you whant to see some amazing pictures from Iceland look here ,her husband is amazing love his pictures .

playing with my camera and learning about light and shutterspeed and all that stuff


  1. Happy National Day, Valeria :)
    I know it's hard to be away from our own country, I've lived away from here too... so those days when you get to celebrate home away from home with friends become even more special!
    Nice job on the pictures :)

  2. You friend's pictures of Iceland are stunning. Love your pictures too. You are a "natural"! Mia S. x


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