Sunday, November 27, 2011


Yes baking but im not baking baking ,i have litle helpers and this is there baking day so they get to do what they whant to do and that means that im just there to see that things dont burn in the oven :)
my litle peoble love this day ,when mom put on the xmas music and they get to roll out cookie dough and sing songs .horrible weather out side ,really windy and rain so what better things to do then stay in and make them happy

today we light the first candle .
I have spent most off this weekend doing all the reading i need to do for the 1st unit ,my eyes are tierd but its so much fun and i love laying on bed with my reading glasses on and read all about the aperture ,focus ,lenses ,cant wait to get to the point where i need to go out and take the pictures .
so i leave you with this pic of my son baking some xmas cakes .Hope the weekend was good to you all


  1. how can you need anything more...what a wonderful picture of little people doing what they should be doing...sharing and making a bit of a mess in the kitchen and singing songs together...just wonderful...and then getting to eat some goodies....YUMMM...fabulous Svana... :) xxxxx

  2. It looks like they're all having a wonderful time :) I've started lighting candles every night too... for no special reason, it just feels right. And I love the apple cinnamon smell all over the place, that reminds me of Christmas!


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