Friday, November 4, 2011


Yeh im formally enrolled in NYIP :) and im smiling from here to the end of .....
and i cant wait to get my first unit .Since ive moved here to Norway i have done so many things i would never have done so im so happy that i get the change to do these things .
Just whanted to share the great news .


  1. Congratulations! I know you will do wonderfully well, I've seen some of your work and it's beautiful--it will get even better!
    Have a lot of fun, Valeria :) and a wonderful weekend!

  2. thanks Teresa ,i really means alot ,ive been whanting to do this for along time and im hoping it will take me to new things ,i just whent for a job that has to do with the photography ,not getting my hopes up but i really think its the right thing for me :O so wish me luck

  3. well done and good luck..I'm sure you will do well and just remember to enjoy whatever it is you do...


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