Sunday, December 4, 2011

Candy cane & hot chocolate

Fun to see how much peoble like my last pic (on flickr) :) made me smile ,but yesterday i baked some chocolate candy cane cake ,saw the recipe pinterest ,cant open the webside now ,will add it later ,if you like .
i saw this cup in a window the other day and said to hubby oh i have have that one (i love cups) but i dint go and buy it my self no he whent out later that day and bought it for me and a spoon to match ,sooooo cute so i had to display it with the cake i made .
what a yummy cake and even better with hot cocoa
i totally forgott to play with the lights this time haha but dont worrie i have more things i need to take pic´s of so i will be sure to post more pic´s with the bokeh ligths .
im keeping busy reading over the books again making sure i get it into my head ,then i have planned the pic´s i will be sending in for unit one :))) im so excited about this ,and looking forward to hear more from the lady that sent me the message the other day ,i sure hope something will come out of that .

anyways im off to spent time with the family.
This xmas will be very hard for some people in the family and it brakes my heart but they will have a big spot in my heart this xmas.

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