Saturday, December 31, 2011

White christmas 2011 Iceland

Here you can see what im missing out on ,omg i woud so much like to be home right now ,playing in the snow with the kids ,pussing the car hahaha winter wonderland my beautiful Iceland :)
Have fun watching this .
for me this last day of the year is gona be rain i guess and it dont look good for the fireworks eather :( the weather her sucks ,i think im may move
Happy new year everyone .


  1. I'm sure the snow will come...and then you'll be sorry!!!!

  2. Having lived in St Paul, Minnesotta and Maine, I know a bit about snowy winters... and I miss them too! Of course I didn't have to drive back then, it was all about the fun :)
    Well, if you could always move to an even warmer country like Portugal (no rain, only sunshine and bright skies, this year!)
    Happy New Year!


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