Friday, January 25, 2013

Busy and sick

Januar is always fun ,i have my birthday on the 18th :) not telling how young i am (im to young to be this old)
ive been really busy ,i really whanted to finish my unit 3 and with that i had to take 5 images ,and not just any 5 and now im done with that and its in the mail :)
and i started my next unit ,that is gona be a fun one with some more learning process
this is one image i took (not something i sent in )
just a image i whanted to have ,need to work more on the B&W think im gona need Nik´s to make it like i whant it to look but this was just a try .
but i still like the image
and here is one i sent in ,im not gona go into what i need to do for this unit,you will just see some of the images i needed to send in .
im not really feeling good at the moment so im gona go to bed and get some rest ,
hope you have a good weekend

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