Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Quick lunch here ,but keeping it healthy at the same time !!ths is also my new fav drink ,pink lemonade oh so good .
i love tomatos and cant wait for my own to grow ,the plants get bigger every day .
im not sure if im not getting any comments here cause its broken or if there is just no one reading this blogg ,so if you cant comment i would really like to know ,send me a line via email ,can find that in my profile !!

im still over the moon about the NYIP school i just cant wait to start ,at the moment im enjoying the book i got sent in mail Bedre bilder its called and getting to know my camera better .
i have so much to learn and im looking forward to every moment of it


  1. I'm still reading. Just testing so you know if your comments are working.
    Love your cupcakes!

  2. testing 1234...it's working...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...check your "stats" page to see if anyone is coming over to read...on the Dashboard... :) :) :)...sometimes people just don't comment...and sometimes they do... :)
    great news about the photo course...hope it gives you all you want..it's fun watching you find so many things that make you happy...good for you!!!
    M xx

  3. I've been away, my dear... but most of the time I rush in to take a peek at my friends' blogs (that goes for you too, Marilyn! ;-) )and rush off to do something that just can't wait... hopefully by the end of the week my treatments will be over and my life will slowly get back to a normal pace!
    I'm glad you're taking that course you like :-)
    Be back soon

  4. glad to see you all :)
    i was thinking maby there was something broken in the comments here :) glad its not


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