Sunday, June 12, 2011


I whent to Stavanger yesterday and there was so much going on there ,so many peoble well the weather was so good so no suprise that there where so many peoble there ,but there was something going on there ,tents from all over the world ,Spain ,UK, Italia, Holland and many more and they all where selling and giving peoble a taste of what they where selling .
So much fun to walk around and see what they had to offer .I was so unlucky that my camera was out batteri ,so hubby used his phone to take these picks.
I just had to buy this gorgeous chocolate slice ,its not a cake its just chocolate to eat and its so awesome ,i just had to have to last night with some red wine ........

and i bought some yummy salami as well ,oh my lord its so good .
i hope they have this every weekend .
dont you think it looks good (with red wine )

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