Thursday, September 1, 2011

Knitting mojo

I think i just found my knitting mojo (hope my crochet mojo comes with it )
i need to knitt some socks for some of the kids and one pair for hubby to use at work when it gets colder (the once i did for him last winter got stolen ) must have been a great pair since someone needs to steel them from him .
then i whant to make me some newfoundland mittens ;)
some of the sock yarn i gott today


  1. Gott að þú ert búin að fá mojo-ið þitt til baka skvís :) Ekki veitir af að prjóna á allan skarann! Flott garn :)

  2. I never tried knitting socks... is it difficult? I can't wait to get started with knitting again, I think I'm ready to move on from crochet for a while :) Autumn just seems to be the right time for knitting!
    Good to have you back posting!

  3. lots of yarn for lots of socks for lots of kids
    ...yup that's our Svana...glad to have you back in the land of yarn...but don't stop all the other things you do...have fun my dear...and enjoy your time alone!!!!


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