Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miss cupcake

Miss cupcake 2011 is Jannice Edlunds gongrats to her ,beautiful cake she made

and thanks to everyone that gave me there vote /gill 

it was fun to be apart of the top 20 

but i heard a rumor that only cupcakes baked by girls from sweden had won the prizes and i think that kinda strange ,if they dint whant cupcakes outside sweden they should have said so in the begining.
Its just something i heard and read and i dont know if there is something to it i still think its kinda funny that only there own cupcakes got some prizes ,oh well it was fun to send in the picture and get all these votes ,more then i had hoped for so im happy with that .


  1. This one is cute... but yours is just as pretty! I don't know about the others but I think yours is definitely a winner!

  2. I liked you cup cakes!!... and I love your tomatoes too! Mia S


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