Friday, December 21, 2012

Almost done

Im almost done doing eveything for christmas ,i still need to bake some bread will do that to day ,and i have the wrapping to do as well .
The tree is ready and beautiful (need to take a pic of it )
they say its gona snow so im just hoping and that would make me happy again ,not that im not just makes me even more happy .
i still had an chai image that i whanted to share ,this one has something i love so much and that is bokeh ,ive been playing with bokeh now for sometime and im trying to get the shaped bokeh right ,it has to be at the right size and i dint have the right punch for it ,dint whant cut the shape out my self so ive been looking for the punch and i think i have it now ,just need to practice a bit .

hope you have a great last weekend before christmas .

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