Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A happy post ,last weekend we got to go to a litle town called Egersund ,the way to that pretty place was very pretty ,we drove by the see for a while and then we found our selfs in this litle place called Egersund .There the peoble have a litle julebyen/christmas marked in desember HEREim planing on going there with a few Icelandic women who also live here ,im so exited about that trip couse i love the christmas time and everything around it.
las couple of days have very wet here :( i dont like the rain i would rather have snow then rain ,i found this awsome litle shop in my town in walking distance with so many pretty christmas ornaments omg i whanted to sleep in there (im so going back and gon buy some pretty litle things )well the kids a sceaming at me all at once so i need to go see ya later .

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