Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mitten mania

Well yes im in total mitten mania and i love it ,this pair i made as a present (not gona tell who´s the lucky one .Its made with wool and ragg yarn its so pretty to see how the colors in the yarn change ,ive been knittin early in the morning when the kids leave for school and on the road as well ,the kids think its funny that i take my knittin with me almost everywhere i go.I would like to make a hat using this pattern ,its just so much fun to knitt it and not hard at all.
Now all i need is a litle snow it would just make me smile ,idont like the rain outside snow would so much more fun for the kids
I really should try to finich my sweater and start a new one for my 2 oldest daugthers they are putting presure on me to get to knitting for them :)

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  1. Flottir vettlingar...

    uppsetningin á myndunum á geggjuð:-)


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