Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy new year 2012 ,wow time flys and so do we ,i aint getting any younger ,soon i will be 41 years old dem youre getting old girl haha .
Our new year began with rain (need i say it ) this rain is just killing me ,it makes me feel angry .I had a huge problem with taking pic off the fireworks ,well it was really impossible to be honest ,the only shot i got wich was ok was this
and i dont even like this shot .but its the only one i got ,i was poring rain and really windy as well
I started the new year with a new job ,and have been busy with work.

I also have my first maternity photoshot booked :) that is very exiting and im really stressed about that ,but im just gona dive into it and hope for the best .

ok im gona update my wish list 

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
Sigma 10-20 mm lens
Canon speedlight
lee big stopper
LEE_Filters 9NDG Graduated Neutral_Density
LEE_Filters 6NDG 4x4 Neutral Density

Well thats it for now ,im hoping i can finish my unit one this month (still need better weather to do that)and then i can start looking forward to unit 2 :) this is so much fun and i cant belive that im doing all these fun things .

have a great day (is there anyone out there deooo )


  1. I think it is a beautiful photo! It must be really difficult to catch fireworks. Good luck with all your new projects, especially the maternity photo shoot. I am sure you will be brilliant!!! You're not old! You have a lot of catching up to do with many of your on-line friends... including me!!! Mia S.

  2. Yes, we're out here :)
    Sounds great, a new job and your maternity photo shoot! That will be fun :) calm down, you'll be perfect :) Can we see them afterwards, at least some?

  3. You will do just fine...take a deeeeep breath and just do what you've been doing...and take lots so you can share with us... don't know what old is my's not 41!!! Hope the sun shines soon and makes you HAPPY...

  4. im not sure if i can show you some of the pics i take off her ,she will have to give me permission for that ;)

  5. How exCiTinG! A great way to start the new year. Congratulations on your new job! You will be a pro! It's just your nerves. I know, from what I've seen from you, that the quality & beauty of your photos are just genious! Take lots of photos in your coming shoot. Use props, they help. I have no doubt that they will be very happy with your work. Take a deep breath and be the best you can be!!!! I'm sending some sunshine your way. Should arrive shortly :*]


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