Monday, January 30, 2012

Road trip

I just cant keep my mouth closed any longer ,im going home to Iceland for a week to see my family ,my syster and her family ,my parents and my best buddy friend and the two off us are gona take a 2 day road trip ,gona go a take pictures off the wonders off Iceland (hope the weather is gona be nice to me )
my oldest dd is going with me but she is gona stay a week longer then me ,she whants to see all her friends and family.
Im so exited but at the same time im nervous dont know why but i kinda am ,i know it will be hard to leave again .... its the one off the hardest things ive ever had to do and to have to do all over again ..... ive just had my share off good bye´s.
when i woke upp yesterday i saw that the sky was gona be so pink so i took the camera out
and i found this great spot here ,the rails are closed but i see i can still use it for more photoshot´s ,gona go out again this morning to get some more shots and my son is coming with me this time

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  1. Oh Svana how fabulous...just enjoy every second you are there and make memories no one can erase...and take all those photos to show us!!! Have a wonderful wonderful time.... xxx


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