Saturday, January 7, 2012

Unit 1

Well well i was lucky yesterday it stopped raining for a few hours so i jumped in the car and whent to the train station with my oldest dd ,needed to get a few shots for the unit 1 ,this is the first image i need so send ,showing motion while the subject is clear ,so this is what i whanted to do for that part of the unit 1

the problems i had was that i had very little time to shot cause the train was very fast and was gone in sec, so not much time to change the settings on the camera to try to get the perfect shot ,but im happy with this one (out of many that where not so good)
now i have 2 more pic´s i need to get then im done with this unit  and cant wait to get the next and to hear what they have to say about these pic´s i send in omg omg omg


thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy this blog