Thursday, February 9, 2012


I love these give aways so lets share this one here :) such a cute bag for the camera and everything else you need to carry around

So now what?
How do you enter this amazingness that we call a giveaway you ask?!!
We have a new nifty little entry form to enter our giveaway! We are NO longer doing comments as your entry form! (PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THE BLOG POST) Please use the form below! Each point that you get, equals one entry. You can do some of the entries more then once for more entries!
Do all of the following steps through the entry app below. :)
—-Make sure you are a fan of Pure Photoshop Actions first. Because we love you and want to have the chance to interact!
—-Make sure you are a fan of Jo Totes! Because seriously, you will want to drool over their bags!
—-Then make sure you share the giveaway on any of your social media outlets. (leave the link to where you shared in the form below)

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