Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New born Session

How fun ,im having my first new born session on saturday :) im getting my props tog bought some new
and made some new crochet baby hats (you have seen them)
So next thing i need to do is get some inspiration about posing and things like that .Sure it will
all go well ,im exited about this .

anyways im still thinking im just writing this blog to my self ,dont think that many peoble
read it so im wondering how long im gone keep this up .

but here is a pic of my dd taken when she lost one of her tooth
used Florabella (just love those actions ) clean color
have a good weekend ,im thinking spring is in the air cause i saw some tiny droplings coming up :)


  1. I read your blog....every time you post something...and sometimes I can even tell you that I do...hope this is one of those times...
    look at the "stats" on your dashboard page to see all the people who come by to it's more than you think!!!

  2. This isn't timely for your Saturday shoot, but I thought I'd pass it along any way since you mentioned in your post that you were looking for inspiration for poses, etc. creativeLive is having a free workshop on Newborn and Baby Photography this weekend.

    (I'm not associated in any way with creativeLive, except that I've viewed several of their free workshops.)

  3. Hi Valeria!
    I do stop by to visit too! Sometimes in a rush and don't leave a comments, or read it through Google Reader, but I'm here :) and I love every single picture you've been taking


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