Monday, February 13, 2012

Before & after

I just had to buy the new action set from Florabella ,since im making some money from
my photography i think its just fair that i get to be good to my self from time to time :)
the action set is called Florabella retouch and  its so worth the money at least i think so ;) i know im not
the only one that would say that ,you can find Florabella Here .
Anyway i took this pic off my son a few days ago (dont have any new once to play with at the moment)
and this is raw so you can play more with that then jpeg .So all i did was run the action and with
a small moving the sliders upp and down ,some brushing here and there this is the outcome
i really like the outcome and i know that this will not be the first and last action i buy from Florabella ;)
here is another one i did ,the photo here i dint really like but with a litle photoshop actions it goes a
long way dont you think ?


  1. These are great! where did you get Florabella?

  2. thank you Eileen ,you can find Florabella here


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