Friday, March 23, 2012

Frog pond

Me and my almost 6 year old son whent out to this great forest it has many pond´s and wonderful flowers ,trees and animals it was a great day warm and the sun was trying to peek out .
we found this little pond with lots of frogs in it and he was really suprised to see them ,never seen frogs before so he dint mind me taking loads off pic´s off him hehe but he said when we got to the car :do i get candy now :)
i used this time to practise the things im learnig at the moment wich is exposure and getting it 100 % right and ive been struggling with that for a few days now but i think i have the understanding i needed so yeh im happy and i really did get so many good pic´s off him .
he has this little suitcase with all kinds off stuff in he finds ,coins ,rocks and more stuff that boys like to pick up when the play so hee brings this suitcase with him alot :)
i really like these pic´s and i think im gona have them printed in diffrent sizes
well im off to find more atventures with my kids this weekend i hope you have a wonderful time as well doing what you like and love to do .

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  1. He is so adorable and you got some great shots!


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