Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday Photo

Its time for the thursday photo ,since im really busy on fridays this is workin much better for me ,so this week the girls where making some crafts for easter and also to send home to there grandmother ,i know she is gona love this she has always been so crafty with them and sometimes took the to her house just to do crafts and paint and play with them (ohh we do miss her )

so here is this weeks image 
i love the colors and i used an overlay to add a little texture to it

At this moment im reading everything there is to know about the right exposureand man my head is just spinning around and around ,i really need  to get this and get it good ,its the most important lesson in the learning process ,im reading it for the second time and taking lots of notes ,then i need to move on and read the rest of the lessons and in this unit there is alot of reading to do and listening ,its gona take some time to get this unit 2 done :) but i plan on using my Iceland trip to try to get some of the photos i need ,that is if im done with all ther reading before i leave back home .
(4 weeks until my trip back home)

have a great day

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  1. Lovely to hear you are going home for a visit. Good luck with the studying! Mia S.


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