Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby session

Well i did the second session for the new baby boy ,the first dint go as i had planned haha nothing is as planned when it comes to baby´s ,but this one was so much better ,he did sleep for a few min :) and i did get some good shots at that time and then we just played along .I was pretty happy with the outcome
this one is so cute and he was so relaxed
fast a sleep here but then we had to move him and he woke up but that was ok he was very calm
i love toes on new baby´s they are just so cute and new .

well im pretty sure the spring is just around the corner ,ive seen bee´s and sun is starting to shine and the day´s are getting brighter and flowers are starting to show and grow
i put down new tomato seeds ,just small tomato´s this time :) cant wait for them to start growing
this one was just enjoying the sun in my window
have a good weekend everyone out there


  1. I love baby toes too! They just remind me of little tiny peas neatly lined up in a peapod :)
    You pictures are so pretty!
    I decided to grow a few veggies this year... in my balcony! So far there are a few lettuces trying to make their way... and a couple of onions and garlic. I'll have to get a couple of bigger flower pots for some tomatoes...Wow, I can almost make a salad :D
    It's good to read you on FB!

  2. You did a super job photoing this little man! I love baby toes too....ha ha! And...their breath is so pure.


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