Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My daugther loves coconut in everything specially chocolate ,but i whanted to make simple coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
and since i got some new toys from ebay last week i realy whanted to play with that to
so i used the empression mat i got to emboss the fondant and cut out a heart .

I found the recipe here
Coconut cupcake

This cupcake is really moist and wonderful and i think the trick here is the coconutmilk i will for sure  make this one again .

and for my coconut crazy daughter i did put a litle bounty in them before i baked them (no need the taste very good with out it but she loves it like that )

i see the sun out there so im gona go and enjoy it
have a good day everyone

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  1. OMG Valeria, Bounty used to be my favourite chocolate when I was a kid... this looks fabulous! I had a busy weekend with painting and redecorating the house, so didn't get to try out any of your wonderfull cupcakes--but did get to make a quick chocolate cake yesterday for the boys. I have to check out your recipe!


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