Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rocky road

This is turning into a cupcake blogg well i just cant help it ,and this is just the way i am ,i find something i think its fun and then i always have to go beyond everything and do it all the way or not at all ,cupcakes are in with me today even with all the sick kids i find time to do this .

i saw a pic of a cupcake that was called Rocky road and it was so delicious that i had to make some ,i just used a chocolate cupcake recipe that i found online and  put a two marshm in the cupsand  the caramel buttercream is something is that i use all the time but i made homemade caramel and put a few tsp in the cream and it has a nice caramel taste then i used some things everyone can find ,chocolate chips ,marshm ,walnuts and the home made sause ,and girlfriend im telling you its a mean cupcake ,my oldest girls said: mom that your best to far :))

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  1. HI....I'm here and I want some cup cakes with a nice cup of tea and a comfy chair...been in the garden and my back is broken....and my hands hurt and my feet too...and the husband kept hitting me with rocks from the lawn mower.....aren't you glad I came by???
    Hope all the kids get better soon...it's so hard when they all get sick...but better all together than one this week, one next week, another the week after......etc.... in your house it would be seven weeks....
    OK I'm leavining now....thank you for the cakes...they were delicious...:) xx


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