Friday, March 11, 2011

I heart you

Woke up and it was snowing like crazy this morning (is this never gona end) and as im writing this is starting to snow again :/ i think im gona have a fab summer since this is gona be like this ,it should be getting warmer soon i hope and the snow will go and i will see green gras again and the flowers starting to bloom :)
well since i wasnt going to go out much this morning i thought i would bake bread for the kids ,simple but good and to make it more fun i used the heart cookie cutter <3
yeh and more fun i got my new wilton tip this morning as well so im gona bake cupcakes and make roses like they should be made (lets hope it goes well )
Have a wonderful weekend and pray for the peoble in Japan

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  1. Hi Valeria,
    Your blog is so lovely. I love your crochet flowers, such beautiful colors. Hope it warms up for you soon and that it stops snowing. Have a lovely weekend,


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