Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cupcake love

Ok im getting some guest´s for coffee today so of course i baked these awesome cupcakes with wipped cream in the middle and some carmel sause on top
in the middle there is cream wich has some vanilla pudding ,and it tastes so good ,its almost like not kidding

My daugther gave me this cup and the plate ,its so pretty i think i may buy some more of them so more peoble can enjoy eating and drinking from such beauty

I cant wait for the summer , i know it will so much fun for the kids to swim in the sea and the lakes here ,cause here there arent so many pools as we have in Iceland ,so the kids learn to swimm im told in the lakes here :)

and i found a cute litle table and two chairs to have outside and im hoping hubby thinks i really need it haha

Cant wait to and buy new and fresh strawberry´ and all kinds of jummy berries and i love berries
I need to go and clean the mess after me and get dressed (i was baking in my pj´s)
so my friends have a wonderful saturday and i hope the sun is shining on you

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  1. maybe you're on a sugar low...need to bake some more yummy cakes...hope you fell better and the sun shines on you!!!


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