Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday bake

Hellooo ,i had a cake in mind that i whanted to bake but boy that cake was so easy in my head but when it came to bake and make everything whent wrong wich tells me im no baker haha but it was fun to try out these new things even if the cake dint end up the way i had in mind .

But it is a tasty cake and i learn from those mistakes right ,thats was why i whanted to try it ,to see what i could learn from it
it has chocholatemouse and  rashberrymouse and some shiny frostin on top ,the frostin is good but i guess i dint wip it as long as i should have oh well ....
Its friday so the hole weekend is ahead yeh fun fun ,its a litle cold here but the sun is shining and what more can i ask for (please litle birdie dont wake me up at 4 or 5 a'clock in the night/morning) yes a litle birdie woke me up a litle to earlie this morning
well im gona go a do a litle shopping for the weekend .


  1. Ok, this is the day I try some of your cupcakes... or the lemon buns! Gotta run to the store to get some creamcheese for the frosting, there is noooooooo way I'm giving up on that! My diet will have to wait for sunday (my son has a medical exam on monday, so he'll have to fast on sunday... I'll keep him company!)
    Have a beautifull weekend, Valeria :)

  2. next time you make it you'll know how!!! and by the looks of'll make it again. Raspberry mousse?? chocolate MOUSSE??? YUMMMM!
    Oh and get some cotton for your you don't hear the birdie yelling at you to get up...I have one of those...if I ever find him...he'll have a cork on his nose!!!


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