Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flower power

Im still hokking flowers ,havent had time to hook for two hole days now :) it was my DD 8 year old birhtday yesterday ,so it was a busy day and she is having a birthday party on saturday so we are very busy planing that ,it has to be like this and that and cakes like this and games hehe so you can imagen.

but i found a litle time this morning to make a couple of them and take some pic´s ,still some ends that need to get hidden and cut but thats for to later thinking

you can see how things are growing in the flowerbed group , its growing by the day


  1. Þetta er geggjað flott hjá þér! Elska þessa liti :) Ég keypti sömu liti og þú ert með í mitt teppi en það er Lanett garn, sé hálfpartinn eftir að hafa ekki keypt Smart þar sem það er ekki eins fíngert. Gaman að fylgjast með ;)

  2. Great job. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I will get started soon.


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