Thursday, April 21, 2011


It was a wonderful day (yesterday) woke up with the sun in our eyes and it was warm and such a pretty day
We whanted to take the kids to the carnival and do something fun for them ,so off me whent and boy did they have fun ,its been a while since ive seen them smile like that :)warms my heart
then i saw the paris wheel and wow it was big and im really afraid of heights but i really whanted to see over Stavanger so i told my self you can do this and hubby said just go its no problem... hehe says he

at first i could not move (i still get sick to my stomack just thinking about it )but i had Hekla my 6 year old with me so i had keep the smile on so when she said im afraid i said no no its no problem its fun (omg im so afraid my self) then she was ok .
I got some pic´s and it was all worth the scear :) but im not sure i can do it again .
then we found some more rides for the kids and bougth some candy floss

and on the way home i saw this wonderful Cherry blossom tree and i love that tree ,its has the most beautiful flowers so i screamed stopp stopp i need to take a pic here hehe hubby was all eyes ,take pic´s off what ?
dont you just love it ? it has these gorgeous pink flowers on it ,and i really think i need to buy one for my self

and thanks to everyone that has voted for my cake in the miss cupcake  competition
i could use more likes /gilla on my cake so feel free to klikk like/gilla and share my pic with other peoble



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  1. Hi oh l do so understand the hight and fright feelings and how not to show to your children...kept my fears to myself and now l have a son who love extreme sports!..ooops
    Hehe.. but at least he hasn't picked up any of my fears so good for you for conquering them
    Happy Easter Hugs to you all
    Thanks for the creative comment
    Suz x


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