Monday, April 25, 2011


Hubby and me planned to hike up to the Preikestolen ,so we packed out litle backpack ,sandwich and lots to drink .So off we whent ,we where both very exited to go (left the kids home with the big girls)
its a very beautiful way to drive big mountains and trees grow all the way to the top .
The walk to is very steep in places and very rocky so it was a hard walk in some places and the hike
takes 1-3 hours depending on experience and fitness took us 2 hours and we stopped and took pic´s and the you cant not stopp and look at the view on the way up.
this pic is taken over the parkingspace
We had such great weather not to hot but sunny ,so it was very nice to hike in that weather ,the only thing i was not happy with was the fog/mist or it was like there was white smoke in the air ,so that kinda blocked the view.
you can see the white mist in the air
here is how some of the path is ,but this one is a good one haha not so hard hiking up that one

but here we have more difficulty thats more how the way up is like ,i saw one girl how had hurt her legg and they had to go back down so you better be careful whe you hike these paths.
There are litle lakes on the way up and this one was still bit frozen and we saw snow in some places :) reminded me of home .
ok after 2 hours we where finally there :) i was really tierd but we had to explore the rock a bit before we sat down and had out litle lunch ,there was alot of peoble there ,and peoble with kids (not something i would do ) and so many dogs to .

I did it .now i can do anything haha thats how i felt
Thats me laying there on the edge (not sure what my mom is gona say when she sees these pic´s)
it was a really really relly long way down,before we whent up we had both said hell no im not gona sit or lay on the edge thats just crazy peoble that do that ,but when i got up there ,i dint even think about not doing it ,after hiking for  2 hours you just have to take that look down .
im not saying i wasnt ´s sceard i was to beging with ,i had to crawl to the edge hehe but i did it and now im sure i can do almost anything .
Like i said i whant to go again and then i hope the mist or what ever it was isnt there ,its not so easy to get good pic´s in these conditions but that hike was so worth it ,and im still kinda sore after all that hike but it was a GOOD workout .

and thats something i would never in the world think i would do ,sit on that edge is really sceary but i did it ;) hehe .
and thats how far down it is ,its awsome dont you think .
and we have already planned the next hike ....... we are gona hike up to the Kjeragbolten
and thats even harder to hike .
Hiking Valeria.


  1. You brave woman!!!! I couldn't do that. Just looking at these pictures of you sitting & laying by the edge makes my insides roll & flutter in fright! Hurray you did it!

  2. OMG that is so scary!!! I'd rather go through surgery again lol (just kidding!) it looks like you had a wonderful time and yes, if you did that you can do anything in the world :)
    Great job!


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