Friday, April 1, 2011

Road trip

Hi its friday yeh and im so lucky to have a wonderful friend here in Norway her name is Andrea and she invited me to come with her on a litle trip and stay in her summer resort over night so im leaving later today and i will be back sometime tomorrow saturday ,im taking my camera and im thinking maby i should take me hook and some yarn and hook some japanese flowers ,i think thats a good idea dont you ,i havent been hooking that much so i really should get back to that flowerbed blanket.

I love fresh juice and i have a big machine that makes me these wonderful fresh juices and this one is made from 1/2 greip ,2 apples and 1 orange por it in a glass with loads of ice and its so jummy and filled with vitamin C and the frukt stones in the orange also has kalk ,magnesium  and kalium so you should not take them out ,apples also have vitamin A & C  and are filled with pekatin and fibers ,pekatin is good for youre bloodstream .I love healthy things to ,not just buttercream and cakes :)

here is a recipe for a very good fresh drink
that i love to make ,its good for you because the grapepeel have resveratrol in them and that works against cancer.

1 mango
150 gr red grapes
press that in you juice maker and you have a wonderful drink to enjoy

maby i will share with you more of these awesome drinks that can only make you feel good.

Anyway im exited for that trip couse i dont go out that much unless i walk where im going couse i dont have a car and thats kinda hard with 5 kids.I use the bus and the train but sometimes its just quicker to walk downtown and do what i have to do then waiting for the bus .

Well im of to get ready for my litle road trip
hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy what you right in front of you cause thats all we really need .

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  1. Have a wonderfull time, Valeria! And definitely, take your crochet along, you can always chat and have a good time while doing it :)
    And those juices, I make them too (I add beet root too, it's loaded with iron and good for fighting anemia, as well as carrots, for the betacarothene). These juices are so good!!


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