Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter cupcake part 2

I did so many easter cupcakes so im posting them i 2 parts.
These are vanilla cupc with a litle lemmon in them ,and the icing is crisco (thats how i get the icing so white )
recipe for really white icing
1 cup crisco
3 table spoons or more if you need warm water
1 tsp clear vanilla extract (it has to be clear )
7 to 8 cups sifted confectioners' suga

combine crisco, water and vanilla in a mixer and mix well tog
then you start to add the sugar ,not all at the time ,if you think you dont need all the sugar then dont add it all at once ,i used 7 cups and added a litle more water so i would start with 5 to 6 cups and add more if you think you need it
and thats how you get really white icing
we had so much fun yesterday when whent for a walk in the woods looking for the bunny´s dint see any but found lots of birds and ants :/
i also found a huge cherry blossom tree ,and my daughter found this litle branch that somebody had taken of the tree and left it on a table ,so we took it home and are hoping to grow it but i need some help ,do i put it water and wait for litle roots and plant it in a pot then or what so if you know how to do that please tell me so i can give this litle branch its life back .
well today im doing something really fun and its only for grown ups so im leaving the kids with the oldest girls cause me and hubby are going to walk up to the  Preikestolen ,its a really hight place with this awesome view so my camera is going with us and im packing some lunch and my sneakers :) im so exited .so you will hopefully see some fun pic´s later .
so how do you like my version of easter cupcakes ? my brother said they should not be eaten hehe ,but they taste to good to just look at them and i can always make more .
can you tell that i love these cherry tree´s ? hehe im just in love with them
see ya leter i have to get ready for the long walk .


  1. Svana...I don't think you can start a new tree from a branch!! Very few plants and trees will grow that way. the best thing to do is try and find a little tree at the plant store and grow it in your garden... :)
    Have a wonderful day with hubby...and take care!!

  2. Valeria, from what I know you could try to graft it into another tree (it's a special technique where you insert a branch on a different tree) but I don't know if it has to be another cherry tree or any tree will do... My father-in-law does it with cherry trees, olive trees, vines--he inserts branches of good trees into wild ones (or not too good ones) and they end up producing better quality fruits. I'm not sure if your branch will work for this but...
    You might want to take a look at this

  3. thanks for the advise :) i may end up buyig my own tree :)

  4. er crisco það sama og palmin? eða veistu hvað hægt er að nota hér?
    by the way, æðislegar cupcakes hjá þér.

  5. sko crisco er vegetable shortening og er oft notað í staðin fyrir smjör ,ég hef ekki séð það heima á Ísl ,en sp hvort palmamín dugar því crisco er mjög mjúkt eins og smjör þegar það stendur við stofuhita ,getur auðvita prufað að láta það standa við stofuhita og ath hvort það verður þannig að sé hægt að vinna það í hrærivél með flórsykrinum ,en ég er ekki viss um að þetta sé það sama samt
    en þú getur gert annað krem sem er alveg hvítt italian merinque krem ,það eru eggjahvitur og sykur ef þú vilt uppsk láttu mig vita :)


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