Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 Mai

Today is the Norwegian national day and we celebrate with them ,the kids had parade´s to go to and it was really fun to see how they celebrate there day ,everyone had there national costumes on ,it was amazing to see ,we had so much fun ,thanks for this great day Norway .

Gratulerer med dagen Norge
ha en riktig fin nasjonaldag.


  1. Happy day, Valeria!
    Is it your little boy with the beautiful sweater? I need to get a pattern to make one of those, I love those sweaters!
    Are the little girls yours too? Seems like it was a nice day!

  2. yes that is my son :) i made him that sweater and i can find out if the pattern is avalbe in english ,its tradional Icelandic wool sweater :)
    the one in the red rain coat is mine and the one in the black raincoat as well :)

  3. Your kids are just lovely! What a great housefull you have :)
    I checked out the link you sent me--I'm forbidden to start another WIP (by myself lol) so I'll have to wait until I finish off something... but I will definitely use one of those patterns, they're gorgeous! Thank you!


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