Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New finds

A litle shopping trip with my son yesterday (we have a car now ) so we have been going crazy driving all over the place and having fun and to be able to go almost everywhere i whant is just amazing ,even if its no the best looking car i can go from A to B and thats good for me .
so we whent for a drive and i found this in a store i cant remember the name of
i thought is was so cool i had to get one ,there where more sayings so i may end up getting more :)
and then we whent to plantasjen and there we found these cute flowers made of stone .
the sun is out there so im gona go and enjoy the great weather ,we seem to have alot of good days here in norge


  1. yeah, you have a car...but now you won't walk as much and you'll have to cut down on the cup cake eating!!! so glad to hear the weather is nice and that you are enjoying it so much. Love the little things you bought for the garden...have a great time out there with the boy!!!

  2. yeh thats the one bad thing about the car but im still gona take my 10 km walks and i have already cut down the cake baking :/ and i only have the car for 2 months :(


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